ATV Rentals

So you want to visit Hatfield McCoy Trails but you don’t have an ATV?  Or maybe you have an ATV but don’t want the hassle of hauling it.

Not a problem.  Several businesses offer ATV & UTV rentals at Hatfield McCoy Trails.  Options are varied and they may be limited, so reservations are strongly recommended.



For ATV rentals at the southern trail trio, Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort has a fleet of brand new Polaris Sportsman 570 ATV’s with rates starting at $225 per day.   Onsite cabin rentals are available, as well as a souvenir shop, ATV parts store and garage, and lots of amenities.  Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort aserves the Indian Ridge, Pocahontas & Pinnacle Creek Trail systems.  Trailering is not necessary, because you can pick up your rental and ride it straight to the trails.  Additionally, Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort includes a free trail permit for each ATV rental customer lodging onsite.


For UTV rentals, WV ATV Rentals offers 2 and 4 seat Polaris RZR rentals starting at $400 for a one day rental. Onsite lodging is also available with lots of amenities, and you can ride your rental straight to the trails from this location.   WV ATV Rentals serves the Pocahontas, Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek Trail systems.

For UTV rentals in the Rockhouse Trail area, Mountaintop Adventures is your go-to.  They offer 2 and 4 seat Kawasaki Teryx UTV’s starting at $400 per day.  Mountaintop Adventures is located onsite at Twin Hollow Campground in Gilbert, WV, and serves the Rockhouse Trail system.

Single day trail permits are available for ATV rental customers, or you may elect to purchase the yearly trail permit.  Your rental facility can help you determine which permit type is best for you.

The three ATV rental businesses spotlighted in this article are Official Hatfield McCoy Trails Outfitters.  You can rest assured they will provide you with top quality rental vehicles and great customer service.

















Ask Your Lodging Provider


By now, you should be ready to plan your trip to Hatfield McCoy Trails.  Your first step will be to choose a trail.  Once you have chosen a trail system, you are ready to find a lodging provider.

There are many different types of lodging available.  Whether you are looking for a cabin, an RV site, a house rental, a hotel or a primitive campsite, chances are you can find it at Hatfield McCoy Trails.


Because all lodging establishments have their own characteristics, there are a few questions you might want to ask the lodging provider you have chosen.


  1. How do I access Hatfield McCoy Trails from your location?
    Some lodging providers have direct trail access, many are located along an atv approved route to and from a trail entrance, and some require you to trailer to a trailhead.
  2. Do you sell trail permits?
    Most lodging providers do sell trail permits, although a few may not.  Permits can be purchased from staffed Hatfield McCoy Trailheads, many local businesses, most lodging providers, etc. and can also be purchased online.
  3. What is the maximum capacity of my cabin, campsite, rv site?
    Many lodging providers have capacity caps based on local regulations, and these can vary by location.  Be aware how many people are allowed at your site.  It is often impossible to find additional lodging at the last minute.
  4.  How many beds are in my cabin?
    Do not assume a cabin advertised as “Sleeps 4” has four beds.  Sometimes, a cabin advertised as such will have one set of bunks and one queen bed.  That may be a fine set of circumstances for a family but not so ideal for a group of  4 guys.
  5. Do you have WiFi?
    Again, don’t assume.  Some very nice facilities do not yet have access to WiFi.  Unheard of to most people, but a very real consequence for parts of West Virginia.
  6. Will my cell phone work in your area?
    Same principle as #5.
  7. Are there restaurants close by?
    We’ve all seen pics of atv’s parked in the McDonald’s parking lot, at Walmart, etc..  Each trail system has a community connector, which allows access to food, gas, lodging, etc. from the trail system.  However, the offerings of these towns vary greatly.  Some have several restaurants and businesses, and some have much more limited businesses.
  8. Are linens provided?
    Some lodging establishments do provide linens, some do not.  Know before you go.
  9. How is my cabin/campsite equipped?
    Charcoal or gas grill?  Cooking facilities? Private bath? Picnic table? TV? Fire ring?  If certain items are important to you, be sure to inquire about them BEFORE you make your reservation.  HMT lodging providers offer a variety of lodging types with varying features.  Chances are, you can find what you are looking for.
  10. What time is check-in/check-out ?
    Most lodging providers have posted check-in and check-out times to allow for cabin prep between guests.  Be aware of these times, and if you have any concerns or requests, please communicate them prior to your arrival to eliminate any misunderstandings. A list of lodging providers can be found on the Hatfield McCoy website.  You can search lodging providers by type or by trail system .  There are also other local lodging providers that may be found by searching the town closest to the trail you have chosen.If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact link at the bottom of this page.