Helmets, Goggles & Gloves…oh my

evsThe #2 question we get is, “Do we have to wear helmets?” (# 1 question to be addressed in another post.)

Followed by, “Even in a sxs?”

The answer is, “Yes.”

Hatfield McCoy Trails does require all users to wear a helmet.  It’s in da’ rules.  If you do not wear one, you could get a citation.  The trails are patrolled by a DNR officer who can and will issue a citation for not wearing one.  The fine is in the $200 range.

You really should wear a helmet.  Not because you could get a citation for not wearing one, but because it could save your life. It’s a long way to the bottom of some of these hills and chances are you’ll hit a thousand rocks on the way down.  Even the best rider isn’t infallible.  We like this style, because it will protect not just your head, but that pretty face as well.

It is at this point that someone out there is thinking, “Well, I knew a guy who was killed on an ATV and he was wearing a helmet.”

Look guys, we are not Hatfield McCoy.  We aren’t the DNR.  We’re just telling you the facts.  Nothing kills a good time like a ticket you’ll have to pay later.  Trust me.



We recommend them, or at least some type of eye protection.  It can get dusty out here, rocks get thrown around, bugs, tree limbs.  It’s just a good idea.  If safety glasses are more your speed, that’s fine too.  Sunglasses.  A blindfold.  Grow your bangs. Something.  Believe me when I say, you’ll thank me later.
Gloves.  Recommend.  And if it’s on the cool side, bring your winter gloves.  Frozen fingers don’t throttle well.

bandana-tube-johnny-hallydayOther recommendations.  A dust mask of some kind.  Especially in the summer and fall.

Bandana tubes are cheap, they work well, they dry fast so you can wash them out each day, and they do the job fairly comfortably.

Alpha Defense Gear has some really awesome styles, and they have great promos often (think 80% off).  You can also pick these up in multi-packs from ebay or Amazon.

A rain suit isn’t a bad idea either.  It can be a pretty wet environment up here in these mountains, especially in the spring.  We tell spring guests, “If you’re here for 3 days, it’s probably going to rain at least one.”  And even if it doesn’t, chances are there will be wet areas on the trails, and the protection will be nice, especially for ATV and dirt bike riders.  Added bonus:  if you poop your pants on a black trail, you’re buddies won’t be able to tell.

You don’t have to spend a lot on gear, but these key things will insure a more pleasurable trip.

Happy trails!


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