The Southern Trio

mudholeThe southern trio at Hatfield McCoy Trails refers to the Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek and Pocahontas Trail systems.  These three systems are separate systems, but they are linked together to create a vast riding area.  Pocahontas is the southern most system, Indian Ridge (where we are) is in the center, and Pinnacle Creek is to the north.

The systems are linked via a “connector” trail.  While it is possible to ride from the extreme southern end to the extreme northern end, many riders prefer to secure lodging in the center, on the Indian Ridge trail, to allow the best access to all three systems.  Otherwise, you may find yourself riding the same trails over and over to get to a new area.

Pocahontas connects to the community of Bramwell, WV.  Indian Ridge connects to the community of Northfork/Keystone.  Pinnacle Creek connects to the communities of Pineville and Mullins.  Each community offers gas, food and lodging. Cabin rentals, rv sites, house rentals, and primitive camping are available.

Indian Ridge also has the distinction of being located in McDowell County, WV, an atv friendly county, in which it is legal to ride your atv on nearly all roadways.

To book a stay at Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort, visit

For a list of other lodging available at Indian Ridge, please visit


These maps are aligned to show how the southern trails of Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek, and Pocahontas Trail are connected.   Map provided by Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort.





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