Hatfield McCoy Trails

adv5If you love atv’ing, put Hatfield McCoy Trails on your bucket list.  Located in southern West Virginia, Hatfield McCoy Trails is the east coast’s premier riding destination.  Made up of 7 separate trail systems, Hatfield McCoy Trails offers hundreds of miles of off road trails to explore.

The terrain is mountainous, but HMT offers something for everyone.  The trails are mapped and well marked.  Each trail is color coded on the map by level of difficulty.  Green trails are the easiest of the terrain, blue trails are a little harder, black trails are fairly extreme, and black/red trails are the most extreme.  Yellow trails are single track (one way) for dirt bikers.

But don’t be intimidated.  Every trail system has a larger portion of easy trails (greens & blues) than any other.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is more than enough trail for you to enjoy.

HMT’s all link to at least one community or town and will have an atv approved route (community connector) to gas, lodging and food.  Yep, you’ll ride right off the trail into town on your atv.

Permits are required and are $50 per person for out of state riders and $26.50 for WV residents.  Military personnel are eligible for the WV resident rate.  Permits are valid until December 31 of he year in which it was purchased and are valid at all 7 Hatfield McCoy Trail systems.

For more information, check out www.wildwillysatvrezort.com or visit the official Hatfield McCoy website at www.trailsheaven.com

Happy Trails!wmg


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